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Top Toronto Restaurants Dedicated to Dad

With Father’s Day taking place this Sunday, we wanted to highlight how father figures have significantly impacted their (restaurateur) children’s careers. Here are a few of our favourite dad-inspired tributes in the city, and the perfect place to celebrate with your pops or father figure this June 16th!

Father's Day restaurants
Dad’s Potato Roti from My Roti Place

My Roti Place

Co-founder and Head Chef Karthik Kumar, honours his father by showcasing his specialty dish on the My Roti Place menu. One of the first dishes Chef learned to make with his father, The Dad’s Potato Roti is seasoned with ginger, mustard seeds, green chillies, cilantro and a fragrant assortment of spices. Chef Karthik Kumar dedicates each order of the Potato Roti order to his dad.  

Calii Love

Prior to its launch, founder Dan Gunam struggled with depression. A key part of his support system, Dan’s father helped him through this time in Dan’s life and encouraged him to create something positive from his experience. Inspired by his father, Dan created Calii Love, a colourful eatery designed to help himself and others maintain healthy bodies and minds. Through its use of positive messaging and delicious, honest-to-goodness dishes, Calii Love aims to spread love and happiness.


Seigo Nakamura, founder of Aburi Restaurants Canada, took over his father’s restaurant, Sushi TORA, in Miyazaki, Japan. He soon brought his passion for Japanese tradition and cuisine to Canada. The company’s newest Toronto eatery, TORA, is an ode to his father and the innovation he imagined for the restaurant industry.

Northern Maverick Brewing Co.

Owner and Founder Jason Kaptyn, named the expansive restaurant/brewery after his late Uncle Ron, who played a key role in his life. After moving to Northern Ontario, Uncle Ron became a bit of a (northern) maverick: an unorthodox, independent-minded person, and inspired Jason to be original regardless of other’s opinions. This gave Jason the courage needed to open Northern Maverick. A beer lover, Ron’s favourite animal was the polar bear, which serves as the brewery’s signature emblem.  

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