Tony Fong

Copywriter and Editor

Tony has a background that would rival any academic. He has taught courses on literature, film, and cultural studies at McGill University and the University of Toronto (between 2003 and 2014); he is an award-winning author; and he is one of the very few Canadians who was actually sought out by Huffington Post USA editors to become a contributor for the international website’s highly-read books section – thanks to his expertise on Philip Roth. Even more impressive, he recently won the Woodhouse Prize for best dissertation defended at the University of Toronto’s English Department. Tony’s studious background provides a refreshing foil to the rest of the Butter PR team, giving him an astute capability to analyze cases on a psychological and human level, often helping to evolve a project’s scope to lock in an audience’s emotional response. Tony also prefers to watch Game of Thrones over reading the series, so don’t hold the Ph.D against him!