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Happy National Lobster Day! Summer and seafood are an amazing, fresh combination and we’re excited to treat ourselves by celebrating with delicious lobster. From lobster rolls and poutine, to cracking open the shell and dipping in garlic butter, we’ve come up with our top five favourite lobster dishes.

Lobster Poutine

Photo from Yes to Yolks

Poutine, a classic Canadian favourite, is a delicious combination of fries, gravy and cheese curds. Take it up a notch by adding lobster with brown butter cheese sauce for an East coast, West coast feel.

Lobster Roll

Photo from The Suburban Soapbox

A lobster round-up wouldn’t be complete without including a delicious recipe for the classic lobster roll. Filled with meaty lobster in a New England style roll, try making one of these gems yourself.

Lobster Mac and Cheese

Photo from Tablespoon

Who can say no to a delicious, cheesy bowl of mac and cheese? Add chunks of lobster meat and you won’t even mind that it’s not Friday yet.

Lobster A La Carte

Photo from Natasha’s Kitchen

Sometimes the best way to enjoy lobster is on its own featuring a side of garlic butter. Whether it’s cracking into the shell and dipping it, or enjoying these lobster tails with garlic lemon butter, you can’t go wrong with lobster a la carte.

Lobster Eggs Benedict

Photo from Tesco Real Food

For the breakfast-lovers, treat yourself to an indulgent lobster eggs benedict, topped with a poached egg, drizzled with hollandaise, you can’t go wrong celebrating National Lobster Day with this recipe.

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